Online art exhibition


We aim to provide artistic guidance and a safe space. Using a variety of mediums such as; film, installations, and painting, we aim to provide different options of storytelling to allow patients’ many opportunities to comfortably participate. Some patients’ optimistic approach to taking control of their health, forming a support system, and finding themselves along the way is a truly inspirational approach to a devastating diagnosis.

The Art therapy Program

patient artists' artworks

Art therapy provides a creative outlet for women with breast cancer and aids in reducing stress. Many hospitals now provide art therapy through cancer wellness centers. A trained art therapist administers art therapy sessions and a variety of art materials are made available to the people with breast cancer. The goal of the art therapy sessions is to give support, restore body image and reduce stress by giving patients sufficient time and space to reflect and express themselves. By providing a creative outlet, art therapy also allows women to learn the art of mindfulness.

This part will show us some breast cancer patients' artworks. 

The Art therapy Program

cooperation artists' artworks

These some artists glad to join this program, and support us to encourage patients express themselves in different views and media.

Our program hope people could pay attention to this program and support breast cancer patients' life.