Healing Through Art


the Breast Cancer Art Project

expressing our experiences through the power of art



Our program我们的项目

the Breast Cancer Art Project


To create a community where people are comfortable to participate in the discussion of cancer and how it affects the mentality of patients’ and their surrounding support; family and friends. Encouraging those within the community to share their stories through a creative platform. We aim to provide artistic guidance and a safe space. Using a variety of mediums such as; film, installations, and painting, we aim to provide different options of storytelling to allow patients’ many opportunities to comfortably participate.



What we support at 我们可以提供


art exhibitions


Health tips


Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle


Art therapy support group


Art therapy guidance and





The Journey Towards Art world. 

Begins on the Path of Art Therapy. Begin Your Journey Today. 



“I'm glad to know art therapy. It is a special way to help me express my feeling and emotion.”


- Fay Wang

“ I think it's done wonders for me and even more for other people who are bogged down by fear. It helps get rid of negative feelings and emotions from radiation.”


- Lucy Xue

“I hope more patients could find art therapy during their suffering breast cancer. It is an opportunity to create energy from my mental to help me produce spiritual healing. ”我希望更多的缓和能够在抗癌过程中发现艺术治疗。它提供了一个新机会让我感受到精神的治愈和能量。

- Mary Zhao

Let’s watch breast cancer patients' stories

These brave ladies want to share you some their experience  



The Healthy tips健康小贴士

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